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"Airlift is THE place to go for a top quality demo. With Mike behind the board you are in very capable hands.  His vast knowledge and command of all things audio blends with his laid-back fun environment to bring out the best in any voice.  Airlift has the experience and all the tools necessary to make a voice-over reel that is on par with anything you would find in New York or LA!"

- - - HARLON MILLER, Voice-Over Actor

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     "Mike's voice (on my promotional video) added the magical touch I was looking for!  He's a real talent & a fun guy!"

- - - WALT HANDELSMAN, two-time PULITZER PRIZE-winning nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist

"Great recording studios share something in common with great concert venues.  They both have a... what is it?  An aura, a vibe, a karma, an ambiance?  Whatever you call it, it's as real as any speaker on the wall or slide fader on a console.  You can't see it, but you can absolutely FEEL it! Airlift PROductions has IT - thanks to the man behind the board and in your ear. 

 MICHEAL ZIANTS has a knack for gently pulling your best work out of you - and then improving on it in the final mix.  The finished product always leaves you thrilled, satisfied and amazed that you really had it in you!  The best part is he gives you all the credit...and you only realize later what great hands your material was in.  Do yourself a favor - give AIRLIFT a try. You'll love the results and every moment you spent producing them!"

-  - - RICH LENZ, Long-time SongWriter, former WDSU-TV Sports Director & Anchor ... and current King of Daytime Television, KOTV, Tulsa, OK

Write to us (U.S. snail mail) : 1407 Pomona Street, Metairie LA 70005-2023 USA

(504) 833-8450

Email:  Micheal Ziants - "Airlift Mike" <>

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“Micheal Ziants is a great voice talent who is generous with his time and energy. I have worked in TV for years, but needed the guidance of a professional to create my radio reel and found it with Ziants. He made me feel comfortable in studio and encouraged creativity, coaching me to a reel I hope will bring many job opportunities. “

--- RACHEL WULFF, Former WWL & WDSU-TV Anchor & Reporter

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