Airlift Productions has served the needs of the media & advertising agencies, audiobook producers,

video production houses, and industrial/training concerns from New Orleans, LA, USA for over thirty years!

"To Communicate is the Beginning

               of Understanding.

Airlift Productions Communicates."

   --- Micheal Ziants, Proprietor

  • TV,  Film & Industrial VoiceOvers
  • Fully-Produced Radio Commercials
  • ​AudioBook Production & Mastering
  • VoiceOver DEMO Production
  • Broadcast-quality  PODCASTS

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As creative talent, writer, voice artist, engineer & producer, Micheal Ziants says, "Save time, aggravation & money. If you're going to make a production out of it - let Airlift PROductions do it for you!" 

Airlift's PROductions are heard daily on radio & TV stations, computers, the web, videos, and AudioBooks across America.


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Clients TALK About Recording At Airlift Productions


New Orleans' foremost VOICEOVER RECORDING STUDIO And PROduction House 


Mass Shootings, Gun Violence, Teen Depression, Teen Suicides... Airlift Mike does a deep dive for answers. We need to Empower America's Youth - Now!


"I listened to a lot of voices to represent Detective Lt. Robert (Robbo) Davidson for our audiobook version of "The Evil I Have Seen" and none quite fit. At last, I did a search for a commanding, seasoned, slightly Southern voice -- and pulled up Airlift Productions of NOLA. I clicked on Micheal's sample narrations of "Murder in Coweta County" then James Patterson's "The Chef," and I was hooked. No one else would do...It has been a delightful, rewarding experience and Robbo and I could not be prouder of the way he brought this book to life."  

--- Author of "The Evil I Have Seen" -  P. J. JONES

"Mike, I appreciate all you did to bring my audio book to life. You know you are really good when both James Carville and I are in complete agreement that you are great to work with!! "

--- House Majority Leader, Congressman STEVE SCALISE

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