Airlift Productions & Micheal Ziants Testimonials
... in their own words

 "I have been in the media industry in the New Orleans area for over 34 years, working in radio, television & print.  From a production perspective, I have encountered many talents.  Beyond any doubt, the most talented person I have done business with is Micheal Ziants.  Mike is the quintessential professional - serious about his craft and determined to produce the best work possible for each of his clients.  His voice work is superb, his music library is impressive, his studio is outstanding, the final product is always appreciated... in all future endeavors, when it comes to producing work for radio, television or the internet, my first call will be to Micheal Ziants".

--- KEN TRAHAN, President/General Manager of New Orleans.Com Sports, General Manager/Chairman of the Board  for the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame Museum

"I have been in studios from the Bayou to the Beltway, and I can say after recording my last two audio books with Mike, that there is no better place than Airlift Productions.  The quality of the production, the studio, and frankly, the comfort, make it the only place I want to record now or in the future."

--- JAMES CARVILLE, Political Commentator, Tulane Professor, and Campaign Strategist behind the most dramatic political victories of our generation

"Micheal Ziants & I have worked on a number of celebrity productions together.  He's a cool head in tight spots, keeping the talent moving ahead happily.  He has a wealth of experience at the controls and behind the mic, and knows what he can and can't get -- a valuable and rare sense of proportion.  Working at Airlift Productions remotely via Skype or phone patch is seamless.  It's like being in the next room."

--- JOHN F. McELROY, New York based Grammy Award Winning Audio Book Producer

(L-R), KOTV-Tulsa's Rich Lenz, Airlift's Micheal Ziants, WDSU-TV-New Orleans' Heath Allen

"For ten years now I have worked with Micheal Ziants and Airlift Productions recording songs for Children's Hospital & the Children's Miracle Network.  He's unique and a constant... solid as the rock in rock 'n roll.  Mike's attention to detail is legendary, but his commitment to the kids and the challenges they face goes far beyond that.  He gets it.  Professionally, he's as good as it gets.  Everyone SOUNDS better after a session with Mike.  And no matter what the audio project, you FEEL  better after a session with Airlift.  That's 'Z' truth!"

--- HEATH ALLEN, Long-time WDSU/NBC New Orleans News Reporter & veteran guitar picker

"When I need BIG 'I-know-that-guy's-voice!' sound for any production I am working on, the first call I make is to Airlift Mike.  Micheal's penetrating vocals and second-to-none production quality give my movie & audio feature projects the instant respectability they need.   If you want to sound like a pro, meaning no one gives a second thought to your audio because it is so well executed, you want to call Airlift!"

--- MIKE CHURCH, World-Famous Sirius/XM Talk Show Host, Founding Father Film Maker, Writer & Producer of 'The Spirit of '76' and 'The Road to Independence'

Airlift's Micheal Ziants (left) with Author David Menasche

" I would like to thank Micheal Ziants & Airlift Productions for making the recording of the audio version of my book such a pleasure.  Not only is Micheal an incredible audio engineer, he is my new best friend.  This guy is one of the coolest cats I have ever had the honor of meeting.  He made me comfortable, he made me feel talented, and he actually made my book into a product I can actually imagine people enjoying listening to.  So far, the opportunity to work with Micheal on a future project is my best incentive to write another book.  If any of you out there ever need a professional to help you with sound recordings, contact Micheal Ziants at Airlift Productions immediately!"

--- DAVID MENASCHE, Author, Educator of Young Minds, Brain Cancer Activist, Major Mensch

"I have had the privilege of working with professionals all over the world.  Micheal Ziants is among the best of them.  His professional integrity is only surpassed by his love for humanity.  It is perhaps his boundless humanity that drives his passion for his work and his compassion... to say nothing of his appreciation and understanding of the human spirit at it's most creative level."

--- NORMAN ROBINSON, Nightly News Anchor at WDSU-TV, New Orleans for over two decades

"For Voice Actors, the demo serves as a calling card and is unquestionably the most important tool in the pursuit of voice over work.  Micheal Ziants and Airlift Productions produced my first VO demo and within weeks I landed my first job in the industry!  Airlift's state-of-the-art recording studio combined with Mike's wisdom and expertise provided me with an excellent demo as well as the confidence needed to achieve success."

---  JOHN DENNEY, Founder & Lead Singer for the notorious LA-based 80s Punk Rock band THE WEIRDOS, and Voice-Over Talent

(L-R) NBC's 'TheVoice' Finalist Terry McDermott, Greg DiLeo, Airlift's Micheal Ziants

"I have been recording at Airlift PROductons since 2010, and I completed my album there in 2012.  MICHEAL ZIANTS was a pleasure to work with, and he took my creative process and turned it into something that I'm proud to have on I-Tunes for sale.  Mike was like a second musical force in the room, moving the process along until we had a finished product that I was happy with and proud to play.  And he brought out the most beautiful sounds from my instruments.  I have a home studio with Pro Tools and all the bells and whistles, but I can't get the warmth and presence that he pulls out of my recordings!  Kudos to Airlift."

- - - GREG DILEO, New Orleans Legal-Minute Attorney by Day/Big Easy Troubadour & Recording Artist by Night

"Airlift is THE place to go for a top quality demo. With Mike behind the board you are in very capable hands.  His vast knowledge and command of all things audio blends with his laid-back fun environment to bring out the best in any voice.  Airlift has the experience and all the tools necessary to make a voice-over reel that is on par with anything you would find in New York or LA!"

- - - HARLON MILLER, Voice-Over Actor

(Hear Harlon's most bodacious demo on his website at

"Great recording studios share something in common with great concert venues.  They both have a... what is it?  An aura, a vibe, a karma, an ambiance?  Whatever you call it, it's as real as any speaker on the wall or slide fader on a console.  You can't see it, but you can absolutely FEEL it!  Airlift PROductions has IT - thanks to the man behind the board and in your ear.  MICHEAL ZIANTS has a knack for gently pulling your best work out of you - and then improving on it in the final mix.  The finished product always leaves you thrilled, satisfied and amazed that you really had it in you!  The best part is he gives you all the credit...and you only realize later what great hands your material was in.  Do yourself a favor - give AIRLIFT a try.  You'll love the results and every moment you spent producing them!"

-  - - RICH LENZ, Long-time SongWriter, former WDSU-TV Sports Director & Anchor ... and current King of Daytime Television, KOTV, Tulsa, OK

"Micheal Ziants and AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS offer an excellent and affordable option for VoiceOver and Recording!"

      --- MICHAEL MORRIS, Head of Post-Production, Discovery Studios, Hollywood, California

  "No recording studio I have worked with has given such personal attention toward perfecting the 'science of sound' than Airlift Productions in the hands of Micheal Ziants.  I thank him for the many voice-overs and sound effects he produced for my syndicated television shows "MORGUS PRESENTS"!



 "AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS is the definition of a true full-service production house and Micheal Ziants is the difference between excellence and 'just good enough'.  As a producer, Mike has all the latest gear (and some of the old stuff I love).  Everything that comes out of Airlift is alive with brilliant, full sound, whether he's voicing it himself or using outside talent.  I never have any doubt that whatever I'm working on at Airlift will come out sounding great... always!  If you want professional results, use a professional - and Micheal Ziants at Airlift Productions IS that professional."

- - - BO WALKER, Production Director, Clear Channel Radio, New Orleans

 "The impact of audio - in corporate presentations, on the air, even with caller-on-hold phone messages - is important.  Solid, well-constructed, well-produced audio messages communicate in tangible fashion the strength of the overall sales message.
     AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS has been producing audio projects for us since our founding in 1984.  We have never received less than sterling results from Micheal's physical set-up, and from his excellent voice & production talents.  His operation is comfortable and complete, and he always brings to the project quality thoughts, enhancing the creative vision, all the while presenting a demeanor that is affable and easy to work with.  Airlift is the 'total package'!"

          - - - TIM MCNALLY, President, IDEAS of New Orleans, Inc.

      "Mike's voice (on my promotional video) added the magical touch I was looking for!  He's a real talent & a fun guy!"

- - - WALT HANDELSMAN, two-time PULITZER PRIZE-winning nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist

  "Mike is a craftsman.  You don't often hear that word when describing digital media, but it most certainly applies to work done at AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS.  Mike's  produced literally thousands of audio segments for me,  and they've all sounded perfect.  He also understands how to get things done!  I wish all of my contractors were as responsive and committed to meeting deadlines.  You're in good hands with AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS."

           - - - ETHAN ANDERSON,  Manager of Multimedia Development, JRL Enterprises, Creators of  "I CAN LEARN"

     "I have been working with Micheal as Live Announcer ("Voice of God") at our shows over the past several years and not once has he done anything less than extraordinary for my team.  Often getting little notice and direction, he is still able to show up and deliver a superior level of creative communication for our events!  We are grateful that we have been able to work with Mike allowing us to maximize our special event talents at every avenue."

- - - KELLIE  H. MATHAS, CSEP, CMP, Director of Special Events, USA HOSTS NEW ORLEANS

"I have had the true pleasure of working with such a great talent during a recent launch of a new subsidiary company, Pan-American Benefits Solutions, earlier this year.  Pan-American Life Insurance Company uses MICHEAL ZIANTS as the IVR audio "Voice" to our customers in our International Headquarters in New Orleans.  We threw Micheal several curve balls and last-minute updates -- but the timeline couldn't budge!  Without hesitation, Mike offered solutions and delivered quality recordings for a successful launch.  If you want the best, look no further.  AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS is your solution!"

     - - - ENRIQUE R. MONZON, PMP, ACS, 2nd Vice-President, Planning & Implementation, Pan-American Life Insurance Company