AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS,  founded in 1984, is a full-service audio recording studio - specializing in VoiceOver - located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  Save time, aggravation & money ... If you're going to make a production out of it, let Airlift do it for you! Purpose designed for aesthetics, comfort, speed & premium sound, Airlift makes your audio creations & dreams sound even more incredible than they did in your head. It's what we do.


 Airlift has served the needs of the media and advertising agencies, Crescent City musicians & Hollywood South - as well as industrial and training concerns -  for thirty years!  Versatility, Quality & Dependability are our hallmarks.  Airlift's PROductions are heard daily on radio & tv stations, computers, the web, movie theaters, toys that talk, and audio books across America .





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The Arts & Entertainment Television Network
The History Channel
"Murder In Coweta County" Audio Book for Pelican Publishing
Imaging for the Mike Church Veritas Network & Crusade Channel
James Carville's  Audio Book, "It's the Middle Class Stupid!"
James Carville & Mary Matalin's Audio Book "Love & War" for Amazon/
The Destination Network
The New Orleans Hornets
Quincy Jones/Fox Broadcasting
The Louisiana Lottery
The Learning Channel (TLC) - Discovery Studios-Los Angeles
Tribune Broadcasting & Tribune Entertainment
Pulitzer Broadcasting
The House of Blues - New Orleans & Chicago
Avondale Shipyards
Louis Armstrong/New Orleans International Airport
Shell Oil
New Orleans' Supernatural Novelist - Ms. Anne Rice
Pan American Life Insurance Company
Harrah's Casino & Theatre
Seacor Marine Worldwide Interests
The Port of New Orleans
"Dog Training rEvolution" Audio Book with Zak George, for Blackstone Audio Books
The Lamarque Motor Company
The I CAN LEARN Educational System
Edison Chouest Offshore
Morgus the Magnificent ("Uncle Sid" Noel Rideau)
Amoco Oil
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
The Times-Picayune Newspaper
The Late Three-time Academy Award Winning Documentary Film-maker Charles Guggenheim


AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS' multiple Telly & Addy award-winning commercials and presentations have been fueled by its proprietor, Micheal G. Ziants (aka Mike McCann & John St. John). As creative talent, writer, voice artist, producer & engineer, Mike has energized the airwaves over America from his New Orleans base for over three decades.  If you're going to make a production out of it, let Airlift do it for you!  Save time, aggravation & money with Airlift PROductions.

"Micheal Ziants and I have worked on a number of celebrity productions together.  He's a cool head in tight spots, keeping the talent moving ahead happily.  He has a wealth of experience at the controls and behind the mic and knows what he can and can't get -- a valuable and rare sense of proportion.  Working at Airlift remotely via Skype or phone-patch is seamless.  It's like being in the next room."

JOHN F. McELROY,  New York based, Grammy Award  winning Audio Book Producer

TOUR the Airlift Productions Studios with Airlift Mike

     AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS Studios are conveniently located just off Interstate-10 in between the world famous Louisiana SuperDome and Louis Armstrong International Airport.


     "It dawned on me in 1984 that if indeed all radio & tv spots were sent over the air, that AIRLIFT PROductions just HAD to be the name for the studio! We'll give your 'air' a Lift and in a day & age where the Airlift is still heroically symbolic of being to the rescue , we'll get it done on-time, on-budget...and get it there yesterday!"  - - -  Micheal Ziants, Proprietor



... every New Orleans sunset is captured through the custom-cut, stained glass window set into the western wall of the Airlift Studios